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Modularity Tiles welcomes you to the resilient vinyl flooring revolution! Forget about your grandmother's worn out sheet vinyl kitchen floor. These smooth high gloss tiles sport a palette of 17 contemporary colors that are combined in three styles of tiles to create custom designs. We start with the 12" x 12" basic solid square field tiles, then we die-cut circles and rounded squares from the centers to create circle or square frames and inserts that are mixed and matched in myriad color combinations. Thousands of patterns can be created using our 3 basic shapes and assortment of 17 different colors (and counting). Design a floor - for any room in your house, or commercial space that will subtly enhance the area or totally redefine it. The results can be understated or dramatic. You decide.

Modularity Tiles can be used by homeowners, apartment dwellers, architects and designers, and is suitable for permanent, semi-permanent or temporary use. (You choose the adhesive that best suits your application.) DIY'ers will delight in its simplicity and price tag. Pros will applaud the creative freedom and statement-making possibilities. Read moreā€¦

Our innovative new vinyl flooring tiles will change the way you think about vinyl flooring forever. We aren't the last-resort flooring option of the past, but the one-of-a-kind creative flooring solution of the future. |

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